Skin Care

A youthful healthy skin appearance is valued in our society. America has 78 million baby boomers who have taken a proactive approach to minimizing the signs of aging. The consumer is barraged with a tremendous amount of hype regarding skin antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizers, sun blocks, wrinkle removers, lighteners. Many of the products have little or no value and play on the consumers anxiety. Less information is available to men, even though they deal with the same if not more  genetic aging processes, environmental toxins, stress and solar radiation. It is unusual for  a surgeon to guarantee a patient improvement, but, I feel confident if one reads and follows suggestions in The Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving, a younger healthier skin will result. Keep in mind that if a man averages a daily 2 minute shave, he will spend over 700 hours of his life shaving. Shave time can be made an activity that enhances skin appearance, decreases acne, ingrown hair, nourishes and provides one with enjoyment.Take a look at this book. For me, it’s suggestions are a positive way to start the day, and look and feel better.